Jim Hughes *Original Christian YouTube Videos

*Except This is My Desire (I Give You My Heart) by Reuben Morgan
- Hallelujah is a parody adaption of the Leonard Cohen song

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There's No Stars Out Tonight (Jumbo Tron)      https://youtu.be/AFo9ZkyVoHQ     https://youtu.be/IL5GT3i--dA    

   There's No Stars Out Tonight ( on Jumbo Tron)       This Is My Desire (I Give You My Heart) by Reuben Morgan                        There's No Stars Out Tonight

 https://youtu.be/gsWVcvuhpfc     https://youtu.be/RpYP7iay-kE    https://youtu.be/H63BjYp9Xp0 

                           Heavin' Dreamin'                                             Won't You Shine Your Light                                                            Hallelujah


                            Rugged Cross


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