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CIYH Concert

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The "Jim Hughes" CIYH group.

“Living rooms were made for live music”

Would you like to host a Concert In Your Home with Recording Artist Jim Hughes? 

If you have an average sized living room and some friendly neighbors, then you qualify. Join today! All over the world music fans are discovering that house concerts are the most fun and rewarding social event happening.

Would you like to attend a Jim Hughes Concert? Join today!

Here’s a quote from Russ and Julie from California, “In the area where we live, like most of the world today, there are too few venues where people can go and experience great music in a closed and friendly environment.”

Like any event organizing a house concert takes a little effort but it’s relatively simple inexpensive; and it might even change your life.

So imagine having a world-class or favorite local artist performing a special show in your living room for a gathering of friends and invited guests. Chances are you already know an artist who would love to play for you.

—Fran Snyder, Founder of Concerts In Your Home


"Living rooms were made . . . for live music"