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Jim Hughes CIYH

Jim Hughes Concert In Your Home Sign-up

Looking for a "Jim Hughes" 

Concert In Your Home?


midweek music, food and rejuvenation

A 90-minute, weekday oasis of great food,

an intimate concert and new friends and fans.


 If you would like to attend a Jim Hughes concert or have him personally perform your very own "Concert In Your Home"  Sign-up today!

It’s free to join and there’s no obligation. As a host you'll get all the tools you need to create some amazing events that your friends will talk about for years to come.

A few items to keep in mind for hosting artists that are touring your area:

When to have concerts? Usually mid week so the artist can still do their weekend gigs.

How many people can be part of a CIYH group? As many that can fit in your home! Start out with inviting personal friends and neighbors, anywhere from 6 to 15 seats etc. according to room space. 

After your friends see how great live music can be they will want to invite their friends too which leads to the next question.

How many concerts to have? Monthly? Every other month? The group can also rotate hosts too.

Who will perform? You probably know someone right now who would love to perform in your home!

Negotiate with the artist on how much the donation should be for their performance, usually $10-15 per seat; Donations at the door should take care of any legal ordinances as this is just a close-knit personal group of music lovers getting together for a live concert in your home; it's RSVP and not advertised. 

All CIYH concerts are RSVP in all fairness to the artist. They will be promised a full house. When you reserve your seating you agree to attend the concert or get a replacement from the waiting list of those who were cut-off after the 10 or 12 seats were filled; or make a donation to the artist for the suggested  donation if no one can fill the seat.

The sky's the limit on how many different ways "Concerts In Your Home" groups express their love of live concerts!

P.S. Please behave yourself during the concerts! These are not wild parties, that's for bars and nightclubs. Respect the artists and their craft - please keep it intimate, no hecklers . . . as the saying goes, "Behave in a way that you'll be invited back!"