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Jim Hughes   

Rockin' the Blues with Jim Hughes -The Blues Minstrel - thebluesminstrel@gmail.com

While waiting at a stoplight to change I was singing along with the Beach Boys’ Little Saint Nick. Suddenly an explosion hit my car from behind; bam, bam – I thought I was in a multi-car pileup . . . bam, bam. I was rear-ended by a little ol’ lady (I don’t know if she was from Pasadena.) That was December 2, 2005.

By October 1 the following year I had to quit my job as a newspaper editor because I couldn’t sit or stand without much discomfort. The doctor said I had a herniated 5th Lumbar disc; and to top that off, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a devastating form of chronic fatigue. Over the Christmas holiday I had to drop out of school at the university I was attending with only one semester to go to obtain a Master’s Degree in Education. I haven’t worked since 2006.

The rent was due September 2011 and they were locking my door when a friend of mine let me stay in her tin-roof unfinished garage that was out in her back yard. It has no electricity (just an extension chord from her laundry room) with no plumbing or running water. I get water from the garden hose faucets.


Still being homeless last June I went to a vocational rehab class once a week for four weeks and the presenter said she’d like me to meet her mentor; set up an appointment for July and here I am one year later telling the story of how I recorded five CD’s in the garage and now they’re on Amazon, Google Play, Rhapsody and many other venues.

“My music is for the whole world-wide-web!” — Jim Hughes

For all the ol' hippies out there here's On This Day . . .

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About Me

I started playing guitar in 1972 while some friends of mine at the Lotus Sunshine in Phoenix were in a band, Lew Smothers (the brother Tom & Dick never talked about). I learned how to strum from mu guru Andy.

Got saved in 1975, didn't know any Christian songs so I took bar songs like "Honky Tonk Woman" "Take It Easy" "Hey Jude" and a bunch of others that I changed the words with Christian words.

This type of song is called a parody, like the songs of "Weird Al" Yankovic. This has been a practice dating back to Martin Luther who took a bar song, changed the words and came up with "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God."

I started leading worship services with these and learned a few Jesus Freak Songs, like "Amazing Grace" set to the tune of "House of the Rising Sun." It's been over 35 years now and those songs are still fresh and alive!

Over the years I've written some original Country and a whole lot of Contemporary Christian songs. I have over 50 song copyrights. if a song means a lot to me, I’m gonna sing it! It doesn't matter what style. I'm not afraid to try and sing any song I like!

The Genres of music I play are: Acoustic Blues, Acoustic Rock, Acoustic Country, Acoustic Christian Rock, Acoustic Nursery Rhymes . . . as you can see it’s all acoustic. My acoustic guitar’s name is Bluedette. She’s the guitar I've been waiting for all my life. I can pound out hard rock chords and she takes a beating! My soft ballads bring out her soft, intimacy from a Classical body style design. Yes, it's sounds like I'm in love. It's true. I Heart Bluedette!