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Free Album


You will need a file/folder extractor program. I use 'zip/unzip' a FREE Zip/Unzip app.


In the Downloads folder double-click ZIP folder (in this case 'The Darnel Album') Look for  "Extract all files" along the top of folder; click on it. Select destination and extract files. The downloads folder is the default folder but you can click 'browse' and extract to the folder of your choice.

You can click on 'Make New Folder'. For EXample you could name it, "The Darnel". During the files extraction, the files are copied into 

the new folder you created, "The Darnel". Click on the m3u 'blue Playlist file'. 

The songs will play one after another in the same order that I created just like the CD as long as the songs remain in the folder with the Playlist in it.

You also can click on and play each song individually too. Please CALL my cell phone, 520-280-9193, if you need any help.